The Climate Challenge Hackathon

During the weekend of 30. October – 01. November 2020, we worked with interested volunteers on urgent questions of sustainability. Everyone could submit their project idea in advance or be assigned to a team according to their preferences. The project teams were supported in their work by selected S4F experts.


Are you tired of just talking about the climate change? Do you want to take action instead? Join “The Climate Challenge”-Hackathon, organized by the Goethe-Institut together with Scientists4Future Heidelberg and The Hackathon Company. This online event will take place from 30th October – 1st November 2020 and you can be part of it!

In the course of 40 hours, participants from all over Europe will collaborate via different online platforms to develop innovative solutions within the four challenge areas:

Hack climate challenges in the following areas:

Raising awareness – e.g.:
How can we achieve behavioral changes that support climate protection? (e.g. by nudging)
How can we make traveling more eco-friendly?

Communication – e.g.:
How can we communicate climate change to the public in a way that encourages people to take concrete environmental actions?
How can we counteract fake news around climate change effectively?

Social perspective – e.g.:
How can we adapt measures that were developed in the context of the Corona crisis to achieve sustainable climate protection?
How can we emphasize the benefits of a reduced digital CO₂e footprint?

Big Data – e.g.:
Which possibilities does big data offer to evaluate climate mitigation measures?
How can we enable local authorities to access climate data and to develop solutions that help them overcome risk factors associated with their geographical conditions?

We are looking forward to all different kinds of approaches to tackle the Climate challenge: develop an app; invent a game; come up with a business idea; fabricate a tool – if it helps to face the challenge, we would love you to present it!

The best ideas will be selected by a jury of experts and receive financial support to be further developed by the winning teams.


How is the online hackathon organized?
The hackathon will take place online on a variety of platforms. The main communication tool for the teams will be Slack, the projects have to be presented as a YouTube video on DevPost. There will be live-streamings, webinars, Q&A sessions, and daily check-ins via Zoom. For more information check out the agenda.

Who can participate?
Developers, designers, creative people, scientists, problem solvers, digital entrepreneurs, makers, experts, innovative start-ups – and anyone else over the age of 18 who is a EU- or UK-citizen or resides in an EU or UK country and who wants to contribute and make an impact. Use your teams’ interdisciplinary skills and be creative together to develop solutions that help EU citizens – and everybody else – to tackle The Climate Challenge. We welcome you all!

Should I apply as a team or as an individual?
If you already have a team, you can apply together and work on your challenge during the online hackathon. Individuals can also apply. We will allocate you to a team in a way that you can use your talent to its best impact. On Slack there will be many opportunities to get in touch with the community and other team members.
If you already have an idea for a concrete project, feel free to put it down in the registration form. We will help you to find additional expertise to drive your idea forward.