About us

We are a regional group of Scientists4Future (S4F). As such, we form a network of scientists in the Rhine-Neckar region who support the Fridays For Future (FFF) movement and especially FFF Heidelberg. We work in project working groups with the overall goal of informing society about current findings from climate change research.

The Heidelberg Regional Group is a network of around 200 scientists who conduct research in the Rhine-Neckar region. We are represented at the inter-institutional Heidelberg Center for the Environment at the University of Heidelberg, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research and other institutes. The independent working groups plan projects or discuss topics. Results and reports from these groups are exchanged in the bi-weekly plenary sessions. The coordination team organizes and moderates the plenum. In addition, this team also represents S4F Heidelberg to other organisations, movements and the press. In the past, public lectures and workshops have been organized. Currently the cooperation with schools is added. Within the framework of these cooperations, Heidelberg scientists bring current research results to school classes and teach about phenomena related to climate change.

Scientists4Future in a nutshell

Scientists4Future (S4F) is a non-institutional, non-partisan and interdisciplinary association of scientists* who are committed to a sustainable future. As a self-organized grassroots movement, it is now established in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and networks with corresponding initiatives in other countries. S4F received first broader attention last year for its statement for more climate protection, which was signed by 26,800 scientists* from all disciplines.

Scientists* who are involved in S4F advise groups and individuals of Fridays For Future (FFF) and similar sustainability movements and engage in proactive science communication. Examples are information events in schools, universities, commercial enterprises or in public spaces, activities in classical and digital media as well as participation in panel discussions. The declared goal of S4F is to bring the voice of science into the political discourse and to promote targeted dialogues between interest groups.