S4F climate hackathon

On the weekend of March 20-22, 2020, the probably largest virtual hackathon worldwide took place under the name #WirvsVirus. It was under the patronage of the German Federal Government, which had set up a support fund in the run-up to the event in order to be able to provide targeted support for projects arising from it. The goal of a classic hackathon is to collaboratively develop software products from scratch within the duration of the event in order to find solutions for a given problem. Many of the IT projects that are developing solutions to the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis are currently being discussed in the media.

Climate change will present mankind with far greater challenges in the future than the current Corona crisis. Therefore we, the Scientists4Future community, would like to use this tool ‘Hackathon’ to find solutions for current climate challenges. The interest in such a Hackathon is great, as the #WirvsVirus live stream has shown (the idea of a #WirvsClimate Disaster Hackathon has been introduced several times in the chat flow). Following the example of the #WirvsVirus Hackathon, challenges are collected first. These can be submitted by anyone interested. Examples could be:

  • How can individual traffic with cars be reduced in favour of bicycles and public transport?
  • How can the environmental compatibility of product groups (e.g. aluminium foil) be questioned by private individuals in the future?
  • How can science communication encounter alternative truths on the Internet or in social networks?
  • How can a realistic recording of the greenhouse gas balance for private individuals work?

The collected challenges will be made available to all participants, so that everyone can participate in finding a solution to one of the challenges according to their own interests and abilities. This process is accompanied by moderators, tasks are distributed and the current status of work is presented. The solution approaches must be worked out, the results must be brought into a uniform format and submitted with project descriptions by a date fixed in advance.

We are currently working in a working group on a #WirvsKlimakatastrophe Hackathon on a German-wide level. This is an excellent opportunity to use all our expertise and to stand up for our ideals in a media-effective way. This Germany-wide initiative is coordinated by the RG Heidelberg. To participate or if you have any questions, please contact us here.